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Note for visitors and first-time users: The phone contact list and our meeting list is protected via login / phone authentication. You won’t be able to see this content until you start the program. Visitors requesting access, please contact us.

During the Covid-19 containment period attending a live meeting was not possible, and we continued meeting via Zoom. After the pandemic restrictions lifted, we continued meeting on Zoom and have added one face-to-face meeting in Las Vegas.

If you are new, and interested in the program, please contact us. Let us know you that you are interested in the program. One of our members will get back with you.

If you are a member of Las Vegas CEA-How, please register for access to the website or sign in with your existing login.

Please note, if you are going to use Zoom on your mobile phone, be careful. Video conferencing uses a huge amount of data. If you are home and your mobile phone is connected to your home WiFi, that should not cost you anything extra. If you are away from home, using your mobile phone network, that can get expensive quickly. Check your mobile phone data plan. One hour conference could use up your entire month’s data allotment. You can avoid that expense by just calling in (no video) using the “click here in your mobile phone to call” link shown in the meeting list.