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Zero Out a Container

Learn how to use the tare weight zero on your scale. Many scales include a button that resets the zero of the scale display when an empty container is placed on the weighing platform. This makes it easy (and fast) to measure food for your meals, without having to calculate and subtract the weight of the bowl or container.

Easy Salad Mixing Bowl

These large bowls with snap on top make it very easy to mix salad dressing (or vinegar and oil) with lettuce for a salad meal. Its surprising to realize how much eight ounces of lettuce really is.

Frozen Fruit

Don’t let fruit go to waste. Freeze it! This works great with seedless grapes, bananas or melon. You will want to prep the fruit by removing the grape stems, the banana peels or removing the rind from melon. Measure out the correct quantity for a daily serving. Freeze the serving in a plastic storage container or sealable plastic baggie. This makes breakfast easy and delicious!